Converting .Lit Files for use in Mac OS X

Posted in Mac OS X Software on March 1, 2007 by iCoty

.Lit is a proprietary file format developed by Microsoft and used to distribute eBooks. There is of course a Microsoft based reader from Microsoft but nothing made specifically for Mac OS X. But, Mac users are very handy people and have developed a way to convert such files so that they can be read on any computer. I recently stumbled upon a little app created by this fellow:

The app is simple in that it simply converts the .lit file to html so that you can view it in Mac OS X or any platform for that matter. What’s great about this app is that installation is simple comapred to other programs available that do the same thing. Basically, you just launch the app, select the .lit file, then convert. It’s fast and simple and can be got here:

Download Lit2html

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Combine PDF’s Easily…

Posted in Mac OS X Software on February 28, 2007 by iCoty

Ever wanted to combine multiple PDF’s into one whole PDF? Well, I have…and finding a solution was not easy until I stumbled accross Monkeybread Softwares Combine PDFs 2.1. It has one one function – to combine multiple PDF’s into one whole PDF! You can reorder or remove pages as you like. I’ve used it and must say that it works flawlessly. And, it’s much cheaper (FREE!) than forking over the cash to buy a full-fledged version of Adobe Acrobat Professional.

Monkeybread Software's Combine PDFs sport a simple, elegant and functional GUI.

You can grab a copy over at Monkeybread’s site:

Download CombinePDFs

Hello world!

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