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Be sure to visit my new “official” site at im.CotyGonzales! New domain, constantly updated content!


Myspace blocks the letter “i”

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This is just weird! Myspace decides to block the letter “i”…I guess they’re not Apple fans!

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WTF!? Microsoft steals Apple’s Universal logo

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MIcrosoft has to be one of the most unoriginal and lame companies out there. I even dislike their name, it’s so eighties – blah.

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My First Mac

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An interesting new site for new mac users, convert or not. Useful even if you’re a long time user – hey, maybe you’ll learn something new!

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22 Month Old Tennis Star!

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Unbelievable 22 Month Year Old Baby playing Wii Tennis! Unbelievable video. Talk about being fun for all ages, Nintendo has really outdone themselves this time around. A gaming console that truly appeals to all ages (now I need to find one of an old fart kicking ass in Wii Boxing…this video must exist!). Somehow, I don’t imagine this kid having as much fun playing Gears of War or Halo.

Custom Cover FAQ Part 2

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The Custom Cover Commandments:

1. Thou shall not use over-obstrusive banners of any sort.

2. Thou shall not use critic quotes on the front of a custom cover.

3. Thou shall not use UPC Codes.

4. Thou shall not claim anothers cover as their own.

5. Thou shall ban the scan.

6. Thouh shall shall not use a font larger than 11 for synopsis text.

7. Thou shall never WIP with a 3D preview.

8. Thou shall not WIP 300 dpi cover previews that force horizontal scrolling.

9. Thou shall act in a descent manner and respect the withholding rights of fellow custom cover artists.

10. Thou shall not forget

Custom Cover FAQ Part 1

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Other than Virtual Aftershock, where else can I find high quality (300 dpi and printable) custom dvd covers?