Converting .Lit Files for use in Mac OS X

.Lit is a proprietary file format developed by Microsoft and used to distribute eBooks. There is of course a Microsoft based reader from Microsoft but nothing made specifically for Mac OS X. But, Mac users are very handy people and have developed a way to convert such files so that they can be read on any computer. I recently stumbled upon a little app created by this fellow:

The app is simple in that it simply converts the .lit file to html so that you can view it in Mac OS X or any platform for that matter. What’s great about this app is that installation is simple comapred to other programs available that do the same thing. Basically, you just launch the app, select the .lit file, then convert. It’s fast and simple and can be got here:

Download Lit2html

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18 Responses to “Converting .Lit Files for use in Mac OS X”

  1. […] líka á tilvitnun í fyrsta forritið sem ég gaf frá mér fyrir svoldlu síðan, Lit2Html, á annari vefsíðu. Frekar fyndið að rekast á umfjöllun um það enda forrit sem ég gerði fyrir íslending fyrir […]

  2. I don’t understand Icelandic but the author of that post is basically saying tha the found it interesting that I posted about his software. Cool.

  3. doesn’t work. closes after about 5 seconds, without having done anything. A nice way to waste a few hundred Kilobytes, but not much else.

    • FunnyThing Says:

      Actually it does. It looks like it doesn’t but if you look in the directory where you stored the .lit file to be converted you’ll see a new folder in there and it should contain an html file.

  4. leftfield11 Says:

    Does work, drop the .lit files on the .app and it will output a folder
    great thanks

  5. If you double-click the .app, it indeed opens and closes again.
    Put the Lit2html in your dock, or open a Finder window to where it is located, and drag-and-drop your MS Reader .lit formatted text onto the Lit2html icon… it will create folder of the same name as the .lit document, in the same folder as the .lit document. The folder contains a HTML text file, the cover images, an .opf xml file that binds the .lit document all into one.

  6. Running Leopard 10.5.6. Lit2html in dock. lit file on desktop–> dragged to dock icon–> message Running. –> few seconds of drive activity, then nothing.
    No html file anywhere on computer. Help!

  7. I love lit2html, it usually works very well. But sometimes, it refuses to convert the .lit file. Is there any other .app that can help? Or any way to make my lit2html work consistently?

  8. I experienced the same thing as Sara with lit2html. After I had converted a few .lit files, it won’t work anymore. How can I make it work again? I tried to download it again but the download site can’t be accessed anymore.

  9. I’m using 10.5.6 on an Intel iMac and Lit2HTML fails on about half the filed I try

  10. Dave Smith Says:

    I have had great success, with Lit2html, but there are occasions ,that it won’t convert files. I don’t know if it is the app. or a bad file. If anyone has any remedy, it would be appreciated.

  11. Lit2html works very well. (It doesn’t actually convert the file, since a lit-file is really a package consisting of html-files and jpg-files.)

    If the app has problems unwrapping a lit-file, check if the filename has characters of the type “? or ‘ or , or !” or similar, and remove those if that is the case. (example filename “Teddy’s Bear.lit” —> “Teddys Bear.lit”)

  12. thank you so much, it works like a charm. What I do is right click the .lit file, choose “open with…” and click lit2html. It then creates a folder containing the html file.

    • Yep worked for me

      Drag downloaded lit2html.dmg to desktop or application folder

      Right click on the .lit file you want to convert

      Select from menu ‘open with’ then click on the option ‘lit2html’

      Look in finder for new file where your original .lit file is

  13. Amazing…thanks

  14. hi,

    this no longer works on lion (Mac OS X 10.7) as it appears to be a ppc only binary (that was previously working with rosetta) rather than an intel or universal binary ?

  15. Down load calibre it will store your books as well as converting them to a choice of several formats
    Also for iphone and ipad I think


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